Berg: Lyric Suite; Wellesz: Sonnets By Elizabeth Barrett-Browning

September 11, 2015

This release unites star soprano Renee Fleming and the Emerson String Quartet for the first time on a journey to Vienna in the `20s and `30s, through music imbued with late romanticism and burgeoning modernism.

About the Album

The record features Berg's intricate Lyric Suite and Wellesz's Sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, sung in German translations by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Track Listings

1. Allegretto gioviale
2. Andante amoroso
3. Allegro misterioso
4. Adagio appassionato
5. Presto delirando
6. Largo desolato
7. Alternate version with soprano: Largo desolato
8. Getragen
9. Sehr breit
10. Moderato: Gemessen
11. Leicht bewegt (Andante)
12. Sehr langsam, zögernd
13. Komm, süsser Tod, arranged for soprano and string quartet by J. Peter Koene

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