Mozart/Brahms: Clarinet Quintets

May 11, 1999

The Emersons and clarinetist Shifrin emphasize smoothness of line and a creamy blend of sound in this polished 1997 performance of the Mozart quintet.

About the Album

Tempos are ideal, giving Mozart's luxurious, long-breathed yet fragile melodies plenty of time to unfold without sacrificing animation or expressive point. Understatement rules in this interpretation, which is all the more intense and poignant because of it. The coupling is a rich, ripe, romantic account of the Brahms quintet, conveyed with passionate address and in a manner more conversational and polyphonic, less homogeneous in sound, than most. It is a dramatic and eventful reading, but one in which lyricism and beauty of tone are never sacrificed. --Ted Libbey

Mozart: Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in A major, K 581; Brahms: Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet in B minor, Op. 115

David Shifrin, Clarinet

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